• Who is Cyber Broadband?

Our primary mission is to offer fast internet service in areas not served by the wired phone companies or cable. We currently offer service in most of Cullman County, parts of Walker, Winston, Morgan, and Lawrence Counties. Starting in 2015, we also offer wireless DSL products and cellular telephone service.
  • What does Cyber Broadband offer?

Broadband internet via radio is our specialty – we’ve been providing this service since 2004. We also offer digital telephone (VOIP), Cellular telephone and smartphone service via our Cyber Cellular service.
  • Do you guarantee I can get internet service at my home?

No. Where exactly do you live? By using your street address and our mapping software, our radio link profile software will estimate if we may, might, or do not have usable coverage at your location.
  • How is this installed and what is involved?

This service is installed similar to a satellite dish with a network cable running inside to your computer.  In many cases, a router is also installed – this is required to convert our broadband internet signal into “wifi” for common devices used today – such as tablets, smartphones, x-box, netflix, etc. You can also rent a router from us for a $5 monthly router rental fee (or provide your own).  However, If you do not rent a router from us and a problem occurs with your  service due to your router, there is an $80 fee to come on-site to fix it. There have been some cases where the length / complexity of the network installation have exceeded what Cyber Broadband considers to be a standard install.  If this applies to your installation, we will notify you.
  • Do I have to purchase any equipment?

No, all equipment is provided after the service agreement is signed.  The rental for the radio which provides the service is included in the monthly service fee (itemized separately on your bill). You can lease a router from us also, or provide your own for configuration. Our technicians will configure any wireless devices you may have (ipads, laptops, etc) during your installation.
  • Is there an equipment deposit?

No. Equipment deposits were discontinued in September 2013.
  • Is there an installation fee?

Yes, there is a $199.00 standard installation fee In rare cases, the cable installation for our equipment has exceeded what Cyber Broadband considers to be a standard install.  If this applies to your location, additional charges may apply, and we will notify you of this.
  • Is there an activation fee?

No, activation fees were discontinued in March 2009.
    • Is there a monthly service fee?

Yes, our base package is $65.00 a month for home users, and $85 a month for business users.  Higher speed packages are available certain areas with certain equipment.  Unlike Cellular company data plans, this rate is for unlimited data usage. You will never be charged an “overage” fee with our company. Cyber Broadband Inc, will bill your credit card through an electronic transaction. If you require a paper statement, there will be a $2.00 per month billing charge.
    • Is this truly unlimited service?  How can you do that?

Since our network is not mobile technology, we can monitor very closely how much data goes to each tower and upgrade and plan accordingly.  Our service is more like a traditional wired service (provided by cable or DSL) than it is like a cellular “data” service.
    • What kind of speeds can I expect with your service?

Network speeds can vary with demand and generally are not disclosed. Higher speeds are available on certain towers with certain equipment – only your installer can answer questions concerning your speed at installation.   Depending on the tower you connect to and the equipment used, speeds range from up to 1.5 megabit to up to 10 megabit.  Not all speeds are available in all areas – and speeds are always a best effort service.  Cyber can only control what happens on its internal network – once you hit the internet, we have limited control.
    • Is there a disconnect fee if I am displeased with the service?

No. early termination fees were discontinued in September 2013.
    • Can I have more than one computer on the service?

Yes, we can program a router to work with our service.  We can also lease you the router and maintain your “inside wiring” for $5.00 a month. Our technicians will configure any wireless devices you may have (ipads, laptops, etc) during your installation.
    • How long does it take for Cyber to install the equipment?

Typically 2-4 hours, but occasionally it takes longer. Cyber Broadband tries very hard to work with your schedule and availability.


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