Welcome to our information center for our fiber builds.

We are currently taking pre-orders for our Phase One build which includes most of the  Sipsey Pines subdivision.  This build is expected to be completed by the end of 2021 but our staff will need to come visit the site of our pre-build customers to conduct some pre-build duties.  Our team will contact you to setup a time in the next few weeks.

Please fill our our pre-order form to indicate your interest in our fiber product. 

We will attempt to answer common questions about our fiber deployments here.


Q:   When will fiber be available in my area?

A:    To date, we have announced six construction projects.  These will be completed over the next three years.

To date, they are:

  1. Sipsey Pines Subdivision, Arley Al.
  2. Arley AL from Sipsey Pines subdivision across to Helicon Road, across CR-22 to Bailey Bridge.
  3. Baileyton/Eva/Holly Pond/ Hulaco AL.
  4. Grandview / Logan / Crane Hill – mosly north of Co Rd 222.
  5. Bremen – Mostly Cold Springs Road
  6. Cold Springs – Mostly North of Hwy 69.

Q:  When will installations begin?

A:   Pre-construction is underway currently and installations will begin before the end of 2021.  Please sign up on our pre-installation for so we can contact you and begin making preparations to offer you this service.


(256) 734-1077