Cyber Broadband’s network is “fixed wireless” – and does not fluctuate based on “how many bars” you are getting like a cellular modem or smart phone.  Cyber Broadband also does not believe in “metered data billing” – your service is always unlimited with our company.

Cyber Broadband currently offers unlimited data –  but no guaranteed minimum speed. We monitor the network for stability and traffic flow and make every effort to keep minimum speeds above 1.5 megabit.  This should support most typical applications.

We currently offer network speeds up to 1.5 megabit to as high as 10 megabit.  Different equipment, towers, user density, and other factors can affect your speed at any given moment. Cyber’s core network is fed by a gigabit fiber connection which connects directly to a data center in Atlanta.  There are also redundant 100 megabit fiber connections which inject bandwidth into various parts of our network.  These connections have backup wireless connectivity in the event a fiber connection is damaged during the course of normal operations and can re-route automatically in the event of an outage.

Our service is $64 a month for a base minimum package and radio equipment is leased from us for $5 a month. A router is also available for an additional $5 a month. Higher base packages (up to 10 megabit) are available for certain customers in certain areas with certain equipment for $94 +  $5 equipment rental.  Your installer can tell you more about exactly what you will qualify for upon installation.

Starting in 2015, we also offer a completely unlimited package for $124 + $5 equipment rental, which allows for as much connectivity as
your radio allows.  These packages are also only available in certain areas with certain equipment but we continue to make regular
upgrades to make these speeds available for more of our customer base.

Also in 2015 we are able to offer wireline DSL products.  See that section of our website for additional information on that product.

• No contract

No equipment deposit

$199 installation


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