Fiber Broadband Service

Our Fiber Broadband Service allows us to connect rural areas to our fast network. A direct fiber line allows for faster upload/download speeds and consistent service.

Fixed Wireless Broadband Service

Broadband internet via radio is our specialty – we’ve been providing this service since 2004.

LTE Broadband Service

Cyber Broadband has a product which allows us to provide service to customers that we cannot reach with our fixed-wireless traditional product. This product allows us to provide access via ‘Long Term Evolution’ (LTE). The service is delivered via a combination LTE modem and router custom developed by our partners for delivering LTE service. Put our LTE modem in the window (or near a window) of your house where you see the most bars and enjoy fast and reliable unlimited broadband data.

Equipment Activation:
Includes first months service

  • The monthly service fee is determined by the speed the tower is able to deliver, which is determined by the distance and signal strength from a tower. The normal pricing is $95 a month, but if the tower is unable to deliver 10 meg at the time of installation, we’ll drop the price to $75 a month.
  • There is a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Our LTE service must be activated and paid for by an automatic recurring payment. We accept all major credit cards and electronic checks. In the event your payment is declined you have 7 days to fix your payment issue or your service may be interrupted.
  • Once your Cyber LTE account is established you can refer friends and family. In fact, with our service, you earn a $10.00 credit for each such referral. Simply enter your name or account number when your referral signs up and the rest is automatic!

Digital Phone Service

Digital Phone Services (VOIP) are available to our customers.