Cyber Broadband Inc Partners with Smith Lake Broadband

Local internet provider Cyber Broadband Inc is pleased to announce the partnership of Smith Lake Broadband effective December 1, 2013. Both companies provide internet service to rural and underserved portion of Central Alabama.

Cyber Broadband is located in Cullman, and has focused on serving Cullman County since its inception in 2004. Smith Lake Broadband started in 2010 and serves areas of Winston and Walker counties around Smith Lake.

Recently, Cyber Broadband has expanded into Lawrence County, mainly in Town Creek and Hatton, and is expecting to cover additional areas. Jay Fuller, one of the owners of Cyber Broadband, states, “Basically we go where the demand is.”

With the merger of Cyber Broadband and Smith Lake Broadband, the combined company plans to expand the coverage even more. Mr. Fuller continues, “We were contacted and have worked closely with area officials in Lawrence County to pinpoint areas that needed internet, and we would be happy to work with other towns or governments who also see a need in their area.”

Cyber Broadband and Smith Lake Broadband both use fixed wireless technology to provide high speed internet to areas traditional wired providers have not been able to cover. “If you need internet and do not currently have access, call us and if we can’t cover you, we’ll try to find someone who can,” Mr. Fuller said. If you need more information you can contact Cyber Broadband at 256-734-1077.

About Cyber Broadband

Cyber Broadband Inc, a member of WISPA, is a fixed wireless company providing high speed internet to approximately 400 customers in Cullman County, Alabama. Smith Lake Broadband, also a fixed wireless company, provides high speed internet to approximately 200 customers in Winston and Walker counties in central Alabama. For more information call (256) 734-1077 or visit